Our lounge reveal

Our lounge reveal

Of all the rooms in the new house, it’s hard to pick just one that has undergone the biggest change. They’re all completely different to how they used to be, but if I had to settle on just one, it’d have to be the living room. Once it was empty of furniture, we walked in and felt a little… Overwhelmed. Where the hell do we start?


This is what we started with… As you can see it looks like it hasn’t been decorated since the 70s – and it probably hadn’t – but we couldn’t wait to start getting our hands dirty.

But it turned out we had one hell of a job on our hands.



The first step was to rip out that dreadful old fireplace and take a hammer to the low stone wall on either side. We stripped the wallpaper off the walls and were a little shocked when chunks of plaster started to come with it – not what we had anticipated. So we’d done as much of it ourselves as we could, it was time to get the professionals in.



As the house itself is a cottage, and the whole rustic country cottage look is very much to our liking, we decided to stick to that style. So we scoured Pinterest -a hobby of mine anyway – to find examples of lounges we liked and we opted for a pale cream/off-white colour paired with a sage green for the chimney breast. After several coats of paint and a lot of help from friends, we were finally finished.



A rustic log burner finishes the whole room off nicely.
We had a lot of furniture from my old flat – a gorgeous two seater sofa and matching armchair in a dark grey – so they fit into the room perfectly, but we were missing a couple of bits and bobs – so cue a trip to Ikea! Everyone’s favourite place.


Then it was time for the little finishing touches to be put in place – the things that really make a house a home. I love a candle and a plant or two, so there are plenty of them dotted around the place now.




So, after months and months of hard work and blood (Nick’s), sweat (Nick’s) and tears (mainly mine), we are finally finished. Here’s the ultimate lounge transformation.


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