Letters to bump: 15 weeks to go

Letters to bump: 15 weeks to go

Dear Squeaky B,

Hi there! Welcome to my new little something I’m trying out over here on the ol’ blog. I’m talking directly to you. This is the new ‘Letters to Bump’ series where I’ll be giving you an update on everything that’s gone on in the weeks leading up to your arrival. Let’s get started.

Weeks: 25 weeks

Stats: You’re measuring a lovely 13.6 inches and weighing in at 660 grams. You little chunky monkey, you. Just kidding.

Vegetable size: “A large cucumber”

We had a 25 week midwife appointment where she had a feel of you and a listen through the doppler. You weren’t so easy to find on this one – last time we found you as soon as the doppler touched my bump. This time you were hiding. But she found you eventually, and you gave a few good kicks to let us know just how displeased you were at being disturbed. Sorry about that.

But we were delighted when she called you “perfect”; a “healthy and happy baby” I believe were also her exact words. Proud mama hen right here.

We talked a lot about pee (mine), and blood (also mine), and you’ll be pleased to hear that your mama has got good iron levels. I don’t get out much. We also talked about where you’re going to make your appearance. No decisions made yet so we’re going to start booking some tours around the nearby birth centres and think about it from there. I don’t think daddy will let me blow up a huge paddling pool in the living room. Ah well.

There may still be a long way to go – although everyone keeps saying it’ll fly by – but my oh my you’re getting heavier. Last week we attended a festival which was a lovely family event, but my god was it hot. My back was hurting, my bump felt dry and tight and I couldn’t help feeling like a waddling striped whale (I was wearing a striped dress), but it really was lovely.

Still, I’m not so keen on being preggo in this heat.

Highlight of the week

Aside from hearing your heartbeat and being told you were perfect (good mum alert), it has to be seeing your big brother ride his bike without stabilisers properly for the very first time.

Both daddy and I missed it the actual first time. Not due to any fault of our own. He hopped on your cousin William’s bike without warning and set off shouting “I didn’t know I could do this!” and we had only seen videos. But he demanded daddy remove his own stabilisers, and now it’s a struggle to keep him in one place! Your daddy is so proud; me too, of course, but I can’t help flinch when he gets distracted by a woodpigeon or something on the ground and starts to wobble all over the place.

I now pack plasters with me everywhere we go.

Anyway, please keep kicking away in there, Squeaky B. Whether it’s a roundhouse to my intestines or a prod to what I’m pretty sure is my cervix, or hard enough to make my entire stomach ripple a la Homer Simpson (I’ll tell you when you’re older) – you’re actually doing it right now – it makes me feel like I’ve constantly got some company. Let’s face it, I still haven’t gotten used to it and don’t think I will. But we love it. We love you.

See you next week, gorgeous.

Love, mummy and daddy x

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