Letters to bump: 4 weeks to go

Letters to bump: 4 weeks to go

Dear Squeaky B,

Less than a month to go. Get here soon, Squeaky. We can’t wait to meet you.

Weeks: 36 weeks

Stats: You’re measuring at 18.6 inches and weighing in at 2.6 kilograms

Vegetable size: Honeydew melon

Our latest visit to Mrs Midwife Midwife went well. You’ve kept us guessing with your estimated weight by hopping between just above and just below the 50th percentile lines – which is making things interesting when it comes to the sweepstake. Of course you’ll be gorgeous and all we want is for you to be healthy, but you’re definitely making the ‘investors’ nervous!

So what’s happened this week?

You’ll remember me saying a few weeks ago that once you arrived we would be a family of 9 with animals outnumbering humans. Well I’m sorry to say that that will no longer be the case as we lost one of our fluffy family members this week; Hercules the bunny rabbit. He was funny, sassy and an absolute joy to just sit and watch, believe it or not. But we think he had been poorly for some time and wasn’t gaining the weight he needed to, but at least he’s not hurting any more.

And we still have one more bun brightening up the place.

Since we had to say goodbye to Herc, daddy seems to have become more and more attached to the chickens, and wanting to make sure they are as happy and looked after as possible. We’re currently getting too many eggs for us to eat at the moment – luckily grandma is scheduled to make an appearance next week so I’m sure she’ll take some off our hands – and daddy has suddenly become their new best friend. They even let him stroke them and pick them up now. He’s delighted!

This one is Henrietta; daddy’s new favourite.

Now this next part may not be news, but it is damn delicious and I’m hoping that by the time you’re here I’ll have stocked up again. I’m not taking about baby supplies or anything “useful”, but rather some of the best cakes I’ve ever had.

Last Wednesday Auntie Chloe and I took a roadtrip to a place called Finch Bakery, and together we spent a good £50+ on cakes in jars, cupcakes and brownies. Your daddy and I are still working our way through the purchases. But just to let you know, Squeaky, I fully blame daddy on us coming back with so much; his exact words were “a tasty selection of items”...

I mean, just look at those. I’m drooling already – or maybe that’s just the pregnancy.

I’m surprised we didn’t spend more in all honesty…

In less tasty but equally exciting news, your daddy, big brother and I took a little road trip further North to the Blackpool Sealife Centre. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t the best part to a Sunday as we had to battle through wind and rain to make it from the car park to the building itself – although I did enjoy your big brother’s cool umbrella which changes colour as water hits it. It’s the little things.

We spent a good couple of hours wandering around looking at fish and sea creatures of all shapes, sizes and colours. But the best part of all was getting to the ocean tank where we got to see sharks (mummy likes sharks) and a 89-year-old sea turtle named Lulu which daddy was absolutely fascinated by. It seems like I’ve got some competition.

We then went battling through the crowds to enjoy some sausage and chips (daddy and I shared to make sure big bro got a free meal!) and then spent way too many 2ps on the machines. In my opinion, Southport is WAY better for arcades.

Love, mummy and daddy xxxx

3 thoughts on “Letters to bump: 4 weeks to go”

  • Oh wow those cake jars look AMAZING! Also, it made me smile that you have a chicken called Henrietta – growing up, I had a hamster called Henrietta! Hehe. I hope your last month of pregnancy goes smoothly #blogcrush

  • That’s a really lovely thing to do to write letters to your bump 😊 I started a Pregnancy Journal when I was pregnant but gave up half way through as I had carpal tunnel and found it hard to write. Sorry to hear about your bunny, I’ve had pet bunnies for most of my life and it’s always sad when hey are no longer with us. My last one was put to sleep 3 years ago but at 10 years old he had an amazing life.

    Hope all goes well in a few weeks


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