Letters to bump: 6 weeks to go

Letters to bump: 6 weeks to go

Dear Squeaky B,

Yes, I know there was a gap last week. But to be honest, Squeaky, you won’t be able to count for a good few years and if you haven’t forgiven me by that point then no more taxi service. Kidding.

Weeks: 34 weeks

Stats: You’re measuring at 17.7 inches and weighing in at 2.1 kilograms

Vegetable size: Cantaloupe

“Oh mummy?” I hear you ask deep in my belly. “Why was there no letter last week?”

Of course that’s nonsense but to tell you the truth there was no letter last week because I was knocked off my feet. I’d been feeling the strain of the third trimester for a while now, but it really stepped up a notch last week. The nausea I haven’t felt for weeks swept back over me along with an aching back, sensitive belly skin and tiredness that I hadn’t even comprehended.

So sorry about that. You’ll understand one day.

It was a fun couple of weeks. Your grandma came to visit and we sprinted to two cinemas trying to find tickets to watch Mamma Mia 2. If you wondered what all that loud music was coupled with bad dancing, then that was us at the cinema. The stress of driving like a maniac across town during rush hour traffic was more than overshadowed by the sheer fun of spending the day with grandma and picking daddy up at the station with the windows down, ‘Dancing Queen’ blaring and us two dancing. No doubt you’ll be embarrassed by me one day, too.

Oh, and guess what. We got chickens.

Yes, there are now three rescue hens living in our back garden.

Their names are… KeHENneth (pronounced Kenneth but with HEN in the middle) as your daddy’s chicken, Henrietta as mine and, as chosen by your big brother, simply Thomas.



They seem really happy and settled in their new home already – despite a couple of “escape” attempts by jumping on the roof of their new house. They’ve been with us less than a week but are already giving us fresh eggs in the morning. Daddy has tried some and said they were delicious, although he may have been complimenting his own cooking skills.

So, when you arrive in just under 6 weeks time, you will make us a family of 9! Myself, daddy, Isaac, two rabbits and three chickens, then plus you. Yes, animals will outnumber humans.

34 weeks… We’re almost there. Although I may complain about time going slowly, it does feel like just yesterday when I was writing that we had reached the 10 weeks to go milestone.

How are things getting on in the 34th week? Well, Squeaky, I’m going to be honest; it’s taking its toll on mama. You’re measuring a teensy bit under average at the moment (between the 10th and 50th percentile) but Mrs Midwife Midwife isn’t worried at all and had a good listen to your heartbeat, once she found you hiding behind the placenta at our last appointment. She said you’re ‘perfect’.

I’ve definitely flashed back to the first few months of carrying you, Squeaky, as the bad symptoms are starting to creep up on me again. In the middle part, I had a little more energy and felt more like myself, whereas in these last few weeks I’ve suddenly become exhausted, I have to pee all the time because apparently you like to use my bladder as a pillow – which is fine, by the way – I have heartburn constantly, my belly skin is stretched and sore and I feel like I’m starting to waddle.

Of course, it’s all good because I still feel you kicking away in there and am so happy you’re ok. I just wish pregnancy was kinder on the body – we’ve only been doing it for thousands of years!

Anyway, stay inside until you’re truly ready to come out, please. Although it does literally feel like you’re knocking on the door to come out, we want you fully cooked, healthy and happy.

Highlight of the week

If you remember my last letter to you, I left things a little bit open at the end. Had I surprised daddy enough for his 30th birthday?

Turns out the answer was ‘no’, of course I didn’t.

Last Saturday I sent daddy out with your big brother and Uncle Mark to play mini golf. Unfortunately, I could not go with them as I had a “pregnancy massage” that had been booked by your grandma. Once they disappeared, your Auntie Chloe came round and we decorated the garden, bought food and welcomed guests for a surprise party.

Two gazebos later, two different cakes and a panicked scramble to find ping pong balls, daddy arrived and – to my delight – was very surprised. I did capture it on video but here’s the moment he turned the corner and realised 20+ people were gathered there…

I didn’t manage to take any pictures throughout the evening as I was acting as ‘hostess with the mostess’ as your grandma would say. But I think everyone had a lovely time – it certainly seemed that way when we all ended up crammed into the living room with the guys raiding daddy’s whiskey supply and playing a game called Kahoot at almost midnight.

Sounds like a good night to me, right? I was falling asleep on the birthing ball and didn’t recover for two days. And I didn’t even have a drink.

Love, mummy and a very-30-year-old daddy xx

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