Letters to bump: 9 weeks to go

Letters to bump: 9 weeks to go

Dear Squeaky B,

Holey moley we made it. We’re into single figures now. That won’t mean much to you right now, but trust me, it’s a big deal.

Weeks: 31 weeks

Stats: You’re measuring at 16.2 inches and weighing in at 1.5 kilograms

Vegetable size: Broccoli Stalk

This week it was back to the doctors to see good old Mrs Midwife Midwife. I doubt she’s actually called that; it’s just what appears on the screen when I check in and it’s stuck. I find it funny. Your daddy, less so.

You are still firmly head down which is good news. I thought I knew this anyway because you’ve taken to tap-dancing on my right ribs – or just trying to push them out of your way – while simultaneously twerking your cute little butt into the top left of my bump.

Your head occasionally nudges my bladder and gives me a sudden urge to pee even though I’ve been two minutes ago. You little rascal, you.

Mrs Midwife Midwife thinks you’ll stay in that position as apparently I’ve got “good muscles, lass” (no, she was not a Scottish Disney character) and was very happy with your 126 heartbeat. You did kick the doppler again which you always do – personal space, and all that. She even got daddy involved in figuring out your position and it was his job to waggle your head between his fingers when she managed to find you. I apologise on daddy’s behalf for said waggling.

Well, it’s still hot. Weather-wise.  Not sure what much else to say about that. I’m now refusing to sleep with a duvet and haven’t stopped sweating since mid-June. Nice. Thankfully, people seem to be more sympathetic than I’d thought – it’s hot for them so imagine having a bag and a half of sugar strapped to your front. Yes I would love a cold drink. Extra ice, please.

You are moving around so much now that it’s actually pretty unbelievable. I’m contemplating asking the midwife whether or not it’s possible for babies to move too much, which is ridiculous. I know it’s a good sign but you’re so active! Your grandma and I have been discussing potential career paths for you based on your activities. So far we have: trapeze artist, ninja, and flamenco dancer. Your pick, kiddo.

Highlight of the week

This week, your big brother graduated from nursery. Now back in the day when I was younger, you didn’t graduate from nursery; you just sort of moved on into primary school maybe with a present or two for whoever looked after you. Nowadays there’s a whole thing with a cap and gown and it was bloody lovely. Daddy popped along to nursery to find your big brother dressed up in a Batman costume with his graduation outfit on over the top. Despite the heat and the fact that he was sweating profusely, he refused to take it off.

Looks like you’re both going to be stubborn; wonder who you get that from…

So by the time you arrive, Squeaky, he’ll be all settled in at primary school. Oh, they grow up so fast.

Love, mummy and daddy xx

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  • This was my very first bump blog post and I think it is so adorable. The personality in your writing will be the cutest thing to read to your child once they are older. I usually watch vloggers who do this but there is something about writing that gives it a little more. Congrats on your bump and I wish you well on through to the end. #ThatFridayLinky

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