26 lessons in 26 years

26 lessons in 26 years

Sometime in the past seven days in 2017 I reach the grand age of 26. No milestone by any stretch of the imagination. But regardless, to celebrate this momentous occasion in all of our lives, I thought I would share some of the infinite wisdom I have picked up from my time here… Yes, you are welcome.

1. Take as many pictures as you can

2. Parks & Rec will lighten any depression

3. Add salt to your margarita

4. It’s ok to take the medication

5. The Samaritans number is 116 123. Reach out if you need it

6. Ben & Jerry’s (fudge brownie) + whipped cream = food heaven

7. On the subject of food, eat the damn cake

8. The right brow shape can frame your face

9. Time is a bitch but it really does help heal all things

10. People will always misuse apostrophes, mix up you’re and your, and get their “theres” wrong. Take a deep breath. Smile. And then correct the apostrophe later with a pen you store in your bag

11. Your mum is your best friend

12. You’re stronger than you think

13. Don’t save the good bedding, the sexy lingerie, the fancy candles. Today is that special day

14. Feeling shit? Sleep on it. Upset? Sleep. Heartbroken? Sleep. Everything looks better in the morning

15. It’s ok to resort to bribery with small humans

16. Not everyone will like you. And that’s just fine

17. Worrying gets us nowhere, but we do it anyway so just accept it. Don’t let it dominate you

18. Work isn’t everything

19. The worst that can happen when you ask a question is “no”

20. Some people can never be happy. It’s ok to cut those toxic people out of your lives

21. It’s ok to be emotional. Take it from someone who once cried at a banking advert

22. Pizza for breakfast always works

23. Cereal for tea is a fantastic idea

24. Life is short. Cheesy, but true. So do whatever it is you want to do. Don’t want to the “perfect” moment because it’ll never arrive

25. It’s never too late

26. Love freely, unconditionally and with no restrictions. You’ll regret it if you don’t

Happy birthday to me.

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