Escaping to the Lake District for Afternoon Tea

Escaping to the Lake District for Afternoon Tea

The Lake District is one of my favourite places on Earth. I know it’s practically a whole region on its own so that opening statement doesn’t really narrow things down, but there’s something about the rolling hills, lush greenery and stone cottages that warms my heart.

Being only an hour or so away from here is wonderful, and I escape there every opportunity I get. Even if it’s just to pop off the motorway at Kendal or for an amble in Ambleside (see what I did there?), I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my time.

Surprisingly, I have never been for afternoon tea. In my 20-odd years here, doing something as quintessentially British as afternoon tea seems like something I definitely would have done. But that was all about to change one overcast day in June. Ooh, how dramatic of me.

I had no idea I was going for afternoon tea. It was a complete surprise to me. All I knew was that the car had pulled up at Beech Hill Hotel & Spa on the edge of Lake Windermere.



I’ve never been very good at keeping secrets or sitting on surprises, so I was very impressed when all was revealed only after we had sat down at a table. It all felt very posh and formal, with a lovely table of old ladies in the back who obviously did this on a regular basis dressed in their Sunday best. I, of course, had trainers on in true Megan fashion.

I had no idea what to expect for my first afternoon tea experience, but let me just say that I wasn’t disappointed.



Sandwiches first. Give me a crisp butty anyday and I’ll be on my way, but I managed to step it up a notch with these delicious-looking gems. Cheese and cucumber were the ones I remember most, although there was definitely some kind of mouthwatering ham in their too.

Is any afternoon tea complete without puddings? I don’t think so.




While the food was gorgeous and I would happily return to the Beech Hill Hotel for the edibles alone (although the spa would be lovely next time, please thank you kind regards) it was more ticking afternoon tea off my list and actually experiencing it that was the best thing for me.

Here I was sat, on a school day no less, on the edge of a stormy looking Lake Windermere, in my favourite place with my favourite person. Although we tried to keep it together for the formal environment, our personalities slipped through and there was plenty of giggles, hushed jokes and innuendos and shushes.

So did I enjoy my first afternoon tea? Yes. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

Check out the rest of my snaps from the day below…


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