Isaac Gracie: What music means to me

Isaac Gracie: What music means to me

Music means different things to different people. But I think it’s something that we all have in common, in one way or another. Music can connect us.

Whether you’re classical person, a rock lover, an indie groupie or a pop-head (is that a thing?), I think we can all agree that music is awesome.

There’s a song or style for every mood. If you’re feeling mellow there’s a tune to match that, or if you need a pick-me-up I can guarantee there’s a full playlist of songs out there to lift your mood. Or, if you’re like me and you’re feeling low, you listen to music that makes you feel worse. Oh well!

I try not to judge other people’s music tastes. I’ve seen some complaining online about the comparison of “then vs now” when it comes to music, and the same could be said every couple of decades or so. Just because rock music wasn’t made with classical instruments doesn’t mean it’s good, and if a song is composed entirely digitally that doesn’t mean the people behind it aren’t talented. If you enjoy it, I say embrace it.

There was a point to this post, I promise. Ah yes.

The guy on the left (who my mum described as having “fabulous hair”) – Isaac Gracie – is a musician we have had the privilege of seeing live twice this year. The first was at Salford Trinity Church and the second was October 2nd at The Shipping Forecast in Liverpool. Both were very small and intimate venues – something I much prefer over giant arenas with thousands of others.

After this gig, I was inspired to write a blog post about music. Because, in total honesty, the songs by this particular artist mean a great deal to me. To both of us actually.

I first discovered his songs last year, when I was going through the most difficult time in my life. I was at what felt like rock bottom, very lonely, anxieties and depression running wild, with very little energy or motivation to make things better.

Isaac’s songs sing of similar things, like lost love and not feeling like your best, and while that may not seem like the best material to listen to when you feel that way, it was. They told you that you weren’t alone, that it was ok to feel this way, and that you need to keep going. They are raw, honest and in their own way, uplifting. Isaac’s voice is haunting and ethereal, and his lyrics can really speak to you.

There are slow ones and there are faster more upbeat ones, but I really think it’s the lyrics that make the song so easily relatable.

What was most comforting to know was that, despite everything that I – that we – had gone through in the past year or so, we were standing there together listening to these songs and everything was ok.

I guess that’s what I’m trying to say music means to me. If the lyrics speak to you and really hit you in the heart, then you’ve found a favourite artist. And it’s nice to know that all you have to do is plug in your headphones and you’ve got someone who understands. I love that.

And there was a moment, during the last chorus of the last song of the night, where absolutely everyone in the room started to sing along. In this tiny crowded room, every single person sang this last line at the top of their voice and, for a moment, we were all united in our love of this song and the meaning behind the words.

That unity is something that can often only be seen in music and the arts. Despite our differences and the fact that everyone in that room was completely unique, at that moment we all had one thing in common.

“How did I get here? And can I get back? I thought I was having fun, but no, I was just looking for the one. Always, looking for the one.”

I can’t recommend listening to Isaac Gracie enough. His links are below…

Twitter – @isaac_gracie

Facebook – Isaac Gracie

Website –

P.s. The above picture was taken when we found Mr Gracie at the bar innocently ordering a drink. He was lovely when we asked for pictures but now I feel I have to apologise. After this picture the floodgates opened and suddenly everyone wanted a photo. Sorry!

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