Blogger Tag: Shuffle the Music

Blogger Tag: Shuffle the Music

Now, if you’ve read my ‘about me’ page (which I don’t blame you if you haven’t) you’ll have read that I am a little guilty of “listening to the same Spotify playlist over and over again.”

Anyone who knows me will recognise this as the truth. I have one playlist that I only deviate from very occasionally. It’s on when I work and it’s on when I drive – yes, I know, it explains why I have earworms all the time. (When songs are stuck in your head, not actual worms in my ears just FYI).

never have my playlist on shuffle. The songs are in a specific order that I like but, for the purpose of this tag, which was passed onto me by Julie at The Glass of Class, I hit the shuffle button.

Fair warning to you now: expect copious amounts of a Canadian band called Marianas Trench, Lana Del Rey and the occasional Disney song…

Here we go.

1. Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey

I went to see Lana Del Rey earlier in the year, and when I first got tickets, a lot of people were angry on Twitter saying that real fans had missed out while “fake” ones who only liked ‘Summertime Sadness’ had nabbed them. I totally disagree with this. Yes, I love a lot of Lana’s songs, but just because this is a popular one doesn’t make me any less of a fan for liking it too. I love this song and I’m proud of it.

2. Astoria – Marianas Trench

Ah, the first Marianas Trench song of the shuffle – I’m expecting a fair share. This one is the first song on their latest album (Astoria) and MT are known for telling stories with their songs. This one in particular goes up and down in beat and lyrics, from positive to negative, and really takes you on a journey.

3. Perfect Illusion – Lady Gaga

Who doesn’t love Lady Gaga? I have a fair few on my playlist but this one got a lot of listens last year. I simply love the lyrics.

4. Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

I love Imagine Dragons. I’ve got a fair few of their songs on my playlist and I think they’re a really talented bunch. Their songs are really deep and the lyrics have a lot to say. Radioactive is one of my favourites as it talks about starting again and becoming a new person.

5. Hard Times – Paramore

As a 90s-born emo kid (and proud) I loved Paramore back in the day. And when they resurfaced earlier in 2017 to release their brand new single ‘Hard Times’. Again, quite meaningful lyrics that take about anxieties and feeling crushed by your feelings, but I just can’t resist the catchy addictive beat.

6. Video Games – Lana Rel Rey

I told you there’d be a fair amount of Lana Del Rey. I know this is another one of her well-known ones but I think everyone loves it. She talks about what it means to throw yourself into a relationship, to do everything for someone and get very little back in return.

7. Blood, Sex & Booze – Green Day

A brilliant one to pop up. I used to be a Green Day fan – what emo kid wasn’t? – but I stopped being interested in them until recently. My other half is a HUGE Green Day fan and I have to listen to them in the car. This one is about a dominatrix (standard) and is a great break from the huge amount of love songs out there. It’s catchy, naughty, and a little addictive.

8. Last Words – Isaac Gracie

Isaac Gracie is an artist that means a lot to me. I’ve seen him live twice this year – and written about him here – and his lyrics really speak to me, as cheesy as that may sound. The chorus of this song is really striking and one of my favourites.

9. One Love – Marianas Trench

Oh, second one. This one is a really sad song that has been on something of a journey with me over the last year or so. I used to listen to this song and wonder what happens if you really do only have one love in your life, and then you don’t get to be with them – because I thought I’d lost mine. Now, I’m so grateful to have them.

10. Desperate Measures – Marianas Trench

Wow this is a real insight into my day. I’m not sure if this song means anything to me from a personal point of view – the lyrics are quite poignant about doing anything to get the person you love which I can relate to. But the bottom line is that it’s really catchy and can be stuck in my head all day.

11. A Girl Like You – Edwyn Collins

An oldie but a goodie. Ever had a song disappear from your radar but when it pops back up you love it? This is one of my songs. I was watching a TV show a while ago and this song was featured on it and I suddenly remembered that I love this song. There’s nothing especially meaningful to me about this song but I think it’s catchy, seductive and the lyrics are all about meeting someone who hooks you in and you can’t get away.

12. Who Do You Love – Marianas Trench

Wow, do I need to rejigg my playlist? Nah. This is possibly my favourite Marianas Trench song. It talks all about wanting to become a better person for the one that you love, which is something I strive so hard to do. I believe that I’m a better person just by being with them; they bring out that part of me. But for them, I always want to be the best version of myself. That’s why I love this song.

13. Something That I Want – Grace Potter

Only one Disney-related song has made it onto the playlist so far; I’m impressed. This song features at the end of Tangled, which is one of my favourite films ever.

14. Help I’m Alive – Metric

A bit of a wildcard in my playlist. I came across this song while listening to The Vampire Diaries – a show I loved partially for its eclectic soundtrack – and I was hooked. It’s got an addictive beat that you can’t help but bop along to and alternates easily from a little dark to more upbeat.

15. Howl – Florence & The Machine

I love a bit of Florence. There are a fair few of her songs on my playlist but this is one of my favourites. It’s catchy, it’s deep and easy to sing along to.

What are your favourite songs? Just how weird and wonderful is your playlist?

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