The first changes

The first changes

A couple of posts ago, I described how we’d just bought a house. And less than a week or two later, we’ve already started ripping out the insides and starting from scratch. So I thought I’d give you a little interiors update.

This is a snapshot of what the living room used to look like… Ok, most of it.

Now here’s the process of what we went through…

1. Stripped the terrible wallpaper off. My lovely mum helped with this and considering we’re both under five and a half foot, we didn’t do a bad job. But there was a solid strip at the top that we kindly left for Nick and his six foot three frame.

2. Took a hammer and chisel to the bricks. I took this opportunity to let out some stress on the wooden ledge on the left. In fact, the bricks and plaster were so old that after a while we both abandoned our tools and took to pulling them out by hand. Satisfying? Yes. Good for my nails? Nope.

3. Remove the gas fire. Again, I used stress as my fuel to pull it out with my bare hands. Safe to say I think Nick was scared.

Now here’s what we’re left with…

A rubble-free living room (thanks to a late night packing session) and an empty fireplace (thanks to Nick getting a little carried away), all ready for what the next couple of weeks are going to bring.

If you haven’t guessed already, we’re planning on putting a log burner in.

And that should be happening this week (week commencing 11th Dec) so it’s really not far off! Along with ‘log burner guy’ visiting us (that is his real name), we also have some work on the electrics being done, new windows being put in and then a plasterer visiting next week. We’ve stripped the two bedrooms and the living room with just the kitchen to do, and then it’ll be ready for a fresh coat of plaster and then comes the fun part – decorating.

In other house-related news, Nick and I had a HUGE trip to IKEA recently where we were sorting out beds and wardrobes. I won’t tell you how much we spent because it makes me feel a little ill just thinking about it, but the good news is that all the furniture is now sorted. All that’s left to do is the little finishing touches.

Is it sad that I’m super excited about shopping for curtains and carpets in the January sales?

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