Our next adventure

Our next adventure

Things have been rather quite on the old EIB front recently. Well, since December actually. 

But now we can finally reveal why. You’ve seen the picture so you’ve probably guessed…

We’re expecting a baby!

Since roughly the end of January I’ve been knocked off my feet with morning sickness (FYI that is not the correct term – it should be ‘all day sickness’) and feeling like I’ve run a marathon every single day.

But there is a bun in the oven and Nick and I are delighted to be welcoming this new addition to our family. You’ll be hearing from Nick soon on EIB and there’ll be plenty of parenting and pregnancy updates along the way.

I’m so excited to have a creative outlet to write down memories and look back on this journey. Fingers crossed that this sickness dies down!

Here’s to our next adventure. Baby Boyle arriving September 2018.

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