Pregnancy diary: Weeks 12 to 20

Pregnancy diary: Weeks 12 to 20

I have a little confession to make. I already started writing this post and erased what I had typed later that same day.

The opening to this pregnancy diary update wasn’t the most cheerful. It talked about how the morning sickness was still an issue – although it has died down considerably. I’ll take throwing up twice a week rather than every morning, thank you. And it talked about the worries that had plagued me about little bump after I was involved in a rear end car accident at around 18 weeks.

But then, as if they wanted to reassure me that everything was ok in there, I felt baby kick properly for the first time.

I’d been feeling little pops and flutters for a while, but nothing I could definitively say was baby. I just thought my new-found diet of “eating what I want, when I want because I’m no longer retching” had rendered me a gassier than usual person. Which is not such a stretch to be honest.

But there it was, a proper little push against my stomach. There was no mistaking it for farts.

Since then, I can honestly say I’ve been looking forward to the stretches of time when I put my feet up. Not just because it means watching endless Brooklyn Nine Nine with my laptop balanced on my knees as I work, but because it’s in those moments when I’m resting that baby seems to wake up and have a bit of a jiggle. And it’s really bloody good.

It’s been a little bit of a wakeup call, or at the very least a perspective change. For so long the sickness and fatigue has beaten me down until I was borderline resentful of my body changing so much. But now it’s starting to be worth it. There’s light at the end of the nine-month tunnel.

Now that I feel baby trying to use my bladder as a trampoline, I’ve been trying to get Nick involved as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if we’re watching TV, lying in bed or out with friends, if I feel a kick I will practically push my expanding stomach into his face to make sure he feels it. Maybe it’s because the excitement still hasn’t worn off yet, and each movement makes me go “ooh!”

What’s been even more exciting is that baby seems to be a little rocker already. They absolutely love music and noises.

Nick managed to dig out his old Game Boy Colour and excitedly switched it on for Pokemon, only for me to slightly ruin this nostalgic moment by insisting he play it resting on my stomach, because baby started kicking wildly every time they heard the music.

I also pressed my phone speaker to my stomach with Spotify playing when we were out with friends the other day, and delighted in the response I received. I think I’ve got a new little gig friend for life.

Of course, 20 weeks marks the all-important halfway milestone. 20 down, 20 to go. While some mums-to-be will say the first half has flown by, I can honestly say that it’s dragged slower than anything I’ve ever known in my life. I swear the week leading up to the 20 week scan lasted three times longer than usual.

But anyway, onto the scan. After being told off by the sonographer at my 12 week scan for not drinking enough water, I downed three pints on our way to the hospital, which subsequently meant I needed to pee desperately for the entire appointment. There was one fearful moment when the sonographer pressed so hard on my stomach I was worried there might be a need for a clean-up. But, like the grown-up I am, I maintained bladder control.

The 20 week scan takes ages; about 20 – 30 minutes. And no matter how much they reassure you that “I’m about to go quiet now to do all the checks”, you still freak out internally wondering why they aren’t updating you on how many toes they can see.

But, we were given the all-clear. Mr Scan Man said he was very happy with everything he saw and that all the checks looked perfect. It seems Baby Boyle is cooking away nicely.

Baby shopping has become a huge part of our lives. The pram, car seat, ISOfix base and changing bag have all been ordered, and our collection of vests and babygrows is slowly taking over our lives. Who knew such tiny creatures needed so much bloody stuff? But it’s all worth it when you buy a festive hat in the shape of a Christmas pudding. Because why not?

To finish things off with a bit of realness – because we all know life isn’t just rainbows and tiny onesies – I’m going to throw out some reasons why pregnancy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

You’re knackered all the time. I wake up, tired. Have a lie in, I’m tired. I live for sitting down right now but I know that if I do I’ll spend the entire time mentally preparing myself for getting back up again. Oh, and automatically being the designated driver. I know I’m growing a human and it’s a miracle and all that, but watching your friends hysterically laugh at beer pong while you sip water from the sidelines and are not quite sure what’s so funny is a bit of a bummer.

But, on the plus side, no hangovers.

All in all, it’s going ok. And it appears I’m finally pregnant enough to warrant some new clothes. Maternity jeans and a maternity bra = a very comfy Megan.

I even got offered a seat on the train home from Manchester the other day. So I must pregnant now right??

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